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One of the best ways to finish a garment so that it looks handmade rather than ‘homemade’ is to use hand stitching for hems, facings and other final steps. I thought about doing some tutorials, but there are so many already out there, so I just rounded up some links for you 🙂 BTW, my favorite stitch for hemming is the catchstitch, very easy and secure!

oliver + s blog- blindstitch and catchstitch

Otis Fashion Studio video- basting and catchstitch

futuregirl craft blog- blanket stitch (good for kids’ appliques)

Pins and Needles blog- prick stitch (for understitching a lining and putting in zippers by hand- the only way for me!)

Instructables- slip stitch (for closing linings in bags or anything that is stuffed)

Hope this list gets you started! As always, great resources on sewing are heirloom patterns and books.


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Rhonda, of Down to Earth, has a good post today about her and her dh reevaluating their budget in light of rising costs. Gas is now $3.99/gallon,here, and food costs are slowly rising. We are making sure lights and appliances not in use are off, hanging laundry to dry and consolidating trips into town. What are some ways you’re conserving?

Jack (my middle son) and I went to the used book store today, I found a couple of books that were on my long list to read this year and I found a copy of a title I’ve been on the lookout for a long time. I picked up an older book on presidents and some spelling textbooks for homeschool. He was thrilled to add to our Dr. Seuss collection and pick up a dino book, too 🙂

Speaking of hanging laundry on the line, here’s one of my new clothespin bags going into our store next week. They’re great for toting your knitting, keeping your reading hanging on your nightstand, and clothespins, of course! This one is embellished with an oversized yo yo and layered button accent. Others I will be putting in the store have vintage linens, doilies and pretty cotton prints!

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Today I have more vintage style sewing for VTT! The pattern I used is a vintage Advance 5942 that my wonderful sister loaned me. I loved it- it sewed up very easily. It is an unprinted pattern, which seems to frighten some sewers off. Don’t let it! The patterns use notches and holes for all markings, but the pattern pieces are already cut out, internets- already cut out!!!!
(sorry for the image quality, dh’s scanner wasn’t working and I have the caffeine shakes after a few cups of coffee)


Here’s a picture of the back


Here’s Kali in her jumper, I think I need to do some more tweaking to get the bodice to fit a bit better- lengthening both the front and back bodices, for starters.


My favorite part- the super-wide bow in back!


The main fabric was $1 mystery fabric from Wal-Mart, it’s a bit too heavy for this application. The dress would have better drape with a cotton or cotton/blend. The contrast I used for bias binding came from JoAnn’s. I think this style could very easily be adapted from a modern pattern with simple lines.

Burda 9702


New Look 6613


There is even a modern Butterick, #5019, that is extremely similar.


For more vintage goodness, visit Confessions of an Apron Queen!

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In honor of National Wear Your Apron Day (and my birthday!),

one lucky commenter will receive this apron!

I’ll draw a winner on Wednesday at noon,

to give plenty of time

for people to enter the drawing!

Best of luck!!

And a Happy Belated Birthday to my sister and BFF, Missy!

Pop over and give her some birthday love 🙂

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I love vintage patterns and materials- love ’em, love ’em, love ’em! I decided to post 2 pictures of things I made with vintage patterns and new materials and 2 things I made with modern patterns and vintage materials. Okay, everybody confused? Great! On with the tour!

The first is an adorable 50’s suspender shorts for CJ for Easter 2 years ago-

Next is a, again 50’s era, pattern I made into a skirt set for Kali. I listed it 2 summers ago and she was so happy it didn’t sell. Even though she’s grown out of it she won’t let me give it away!

This is a pattern I designed to use vintage hankies as collars for nightgowns- creatively titled the ‘Hankie Nightie’.

I loved this peach dress I made for a guest launch (I think??). It is trimmed completely in vintage eyelet- a very large holed version for the skirt and sleeves and a smaller trim around the collar and tucks in the bodice.

I really enjoy incorporating vintage items in the design and creation of my handcrafts. It is so much better to use and enjoy them! I always feel sad when I see beautiful things packed away. Pull them out and use them as they were intended. Is it damaged in some way? Even better! Get out your vintage tablecloth with an old stain and make a pillow, or even better, an apron!

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Opening Soon!

My sister and I are on our way to opening a joint venture in an Hyenacart storefront. We’ll be stocking new items weekly-things for the littles, for mamas, for crafters and for the home. I was elected to do the graphics and design….after trying to wrap my poor brain around CSS and HTML, I’m ready to take a long lie-down! I think I have the basics cracked, so now it’s onwards and upwards- hmph, take that computer!

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