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I’m now a Soccer Mom!

Never one to jump on a trend too soon, I just this summer became a soccer mom. Our 2 boys have joined on the same team as their cousins, which makes it so much easier for everyone, instead of 4 different teams to keep track of, it’s just 2. Pictures coming soon!


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WFMW- Battling Boredom

The most effective boredom killer around here is that the ‘bore-eee’ automatically gets a job to do- sort of like a forced labor sentence in Siberian Russia (I just finished reading Gulag…which is a whole ‘nother post). I must have a sadistic streak, because I would actually get gleeful when a new daycare child would mutter those words and then I could chortle, ‘Oh good! I forgot to tell you about our bored rule- you get to do some special chores- yeah!!!’ Then I gave them a bottle of soapy water and a brush and they would usually scrub all the kitchen chairs, ahhhhh, good times, gooooood times! So, needless to say, my own kids don’t complain about boredom, they know they’re better off finding their own entertainment.

We are lucky, in that we live in the country with a natural river frontage and all kinds of critters, big and small. In the spring and summer, there is a lot of bug and snake hunting (with end of day wildlife releases, of course), digging in the sandy part of the yard and visiting Nonni & Poppa (and their ample snack pantry) next door. When everyone starts getting antsy and needing some distraction, some things we do to shake things up around here are:

1. Visiting a tiny, public beach about 3 miles from our house. I don’t know why no one ever seems to be at our favorite public access on a large, local lake….only the local must know about it! There is a roped swimming area, which helps keep my adventurous crew close to shore. We pack Kool-Aid, snacks and sandwiches and make a day out of it.

2. Visiting the library. I recently threw myself on the mercy of the librarian and she forgave my horrible fines that had racked up. We’ve already been several times, playing games and checking out some terrific books.

3. Working on a big project together. The boys helped me do most of my spring gardening this year. I always forget that, though it takes longer to get something done as a group, we end up having such a good time together!

4. Board games. For the littler ones, we love Whack-A-Mole and Blink. The older kids are learning Battleship and Monopoly. Large puzzles are a fun way to pass the time, too.


For more Boredom Busters visit Shannon’s Works for Me Wednesday at Rocks in my Dryer!

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WFMW- Kids in the Kitchen


It would be much easier to shoo the kids out of the kitchen while I’m working in there. All the chores seem to take 15 minutes longer when I have ‘help.’ But if I did, I would miss out on some of the best times we have together. My oldest is my sous-chef, she helps chop vegetables for side dishes and salads, keeps an eye on the boiling pots and makes simple dishes like grilled cheese and scrambled eggs. My youngest is my baking helper, he cracks the eggs, counts the cups of flour and shapes his own rolls and bread dough. My middle is my pasta maker, I make the dough and he rolls it through the pasta machine and lays out the sheets of dough. Last week, I showed him how to drop the noodles into the chicken broth and as he dropped the first noodle, he turned to me and exclaimed, ‘I’ve been promoted to Noodler!’ That works for me 🙂


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1, 2, 3, 4

C.J. – Mommy, want to thumb wrestle

Me- Sure, buddy

C.J.- Okay, 1, 2, 3…I declare a thumb wrestle

No matter how many times we have this exchange it still cracks me up! This picture is so old, I have got to take some more pictures. Nice ones, it seems every time the camera comes out, they all get goofy faces- argh!

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