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One thing that really works for me is to have some ‘Go To’ recipes, that I can turn to when time is short! For me, these are recipes that use pantry ingredients, go together quickly and are popular with my crew. I try to keep the ingredients for these recipes in my pantry/freezer at all times. When I make one of them, I just add the ingredients to my shopping list for replacement. The one that is probably the kids’ favorite is Tortellini Soup, it’s so easy, it’s not even a real recipe. Cook dry tortellini until done, add to chicken broth that has been heated. If you have some chicken (I use canned, if it’s all I have) and fresh spinach- terrific! If not, it’s still pretty good!


The Soup: tastes better than it looks 😉

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Don’t measure! That seems counter-intuitive to being a good cook, but really the most important skill I think you can develop is learning what 2 tablespoons of oil look like, or a teaspoon of salt, etc. It speeds things up so much in the kitchen during preparing food and after with far fewer things to wash. I keep a 1 cup measure in my flour canister and sugar canister and a measuring teaspoon in my baking soda box for quick baking, too. These days I only measure when trying out a new recipe, or baking something complicated. Otherwise, ‘eyeballing’ it works just great 🙂

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I love to use tenderized meat in recipes like Chicken Piccata and Steak Diane. I used to use plastic wrap to cover the meat and then hammer on it. It was not successful- the plastic shredded and by the third piece into the process there were bits of flesh all over the cabinets, counters and me. It looked like a horror movie set gone bad! Then I discovered a new method- the Freezer Paper Method. Read on…

Supplies needed: Meat that is too thick, hard surface, freezer paper, meat hammer-thingie, any amount of suppressed emotion

It helps to use a hard surface, such as a durable counter top or sturdy cutting board. Cover the meat with a piece of freezer paper.

Whale on that baby like there’s no tomorrow! The freezer paper holds up wonderfully. This day, I pounded about 10 pieces of meat with a 12″ square of paper . I could’ve done 10 more, I think.

Ta-Da! The finished product: a perfect piece of skinny meat for your recipe. No spatter, little mess- my kind of cooking! Go to Tammy’s Recipes for more Kitchen Tips!

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