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101 in 1001

I recently came across a 101 in 1001 post on a blog and thought that would be great, it combines my love of overgoaling with list making, better than the chocolate and peanut butter astronaut accident I saw as a child. Details can be found at Day Zero.

I had planned to start May 1, but didn’t get it posted (or the list finished) so I’m starting it officially today May 3, 2008. The end date is January 9, 2011. Most people have a separate blog for their list, but I can barely seem to manage 1 blog, so the 101 info is going to be mixed in with regular bloggy stuff.

The mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1,001 days.

The criteria: Tasks must be specific (i.e. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable, or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (i.e. represent some amount of effort on your part).

Items in progress

Completed items Date


1. Grand Plan the house

2. Finish painting the basement.

3. Paint rooms throughout house 0/9

4. Finish the trim throughout house 0/13

5. Clean garage out

6. Clean front and back yards

7. Start salad garden

8. Weed, mulch flower beds

9. Start a decorating scrapbook

10. Cook through Memories of a Midwestern Farm

11. Serve 5 menus from Farm Journal Cooking for Company, for company

12. Host a tea party

13. Make tortellini from scratch

14. Make Luag’s rib recipe

14. Make spring rolls

15. Host a bonfire/cookout

16. Learn how to make my 2 favorite cocktails 0/2

17. Host a board game party

18. Have family over for dinner 10 times 0/10

19. Buy something Cath Kidston for kitchen

20. Set up emergency box for power outtages

21. Donate 101 items to Restore 0/101

22. Find a church home


23. Knit/crochet shawls for all girls in family 0/4

24. Knit myself a pair of socks

25. Sew myself 3 vintage-style nighties

26. Sew a complete seasonal wardrobe for K twice 0/2

27. Cull all patterns and sell extras- BE RUTHLESS!

28. Make/purchase soap mold and cutter

29. Try 5 new soap recipes/scents 0/5

30. Transition wardrobe to vintage style by May 2010, make or buy 2 items a month 0/24

31. Make/commission a hope chest for K

32. Make 1 quilt for K’s hope chest

33. Make 3 baby items and 3 linens for K’s hope chest 0/6

34. Organize all digital pictures, put on cds

35. Create (and print) 1 digiscrapbook page a month 0/32

36. Create and post 10 sewing tutorials to blog 0/10

37. Participate in 26 Things

38. Participate in photojojo365

39. Teach a sewing class

40. Create an ebook pattern for my binders


41. Make eye appointment

42. Order new glasses and prescription sunglasses

43. Get mole removed- blech!

44. Reach goal weight by 08/09

45. Complete the Couch to 5K plan

46. Run a 5K

47. Get a massage for the first time, I can’t count laying down on the floor and being walked on by the kids!


48. Register a dollar on Where’s George

49. Sit down with T and make budget

50. Use a $50 menu twice a month for 1 year, put money saved into account 0/24

51. Reopen savings account

52. Use the clothesline May-Nov

53. Make 10 craft show items/week for 3 months 0/12

54. Stock Vintage Charm store twice a month for 1 year 0/24

55. Finish Vintage Charm website

56. Contribute monthly to Cash for Christmas Jar 0/8 (2008 ) 0/12 (2009) 0/12 (2010)

57. Put aside $5 for each completed item for myself and $5 for each incomplete item for charity 0/101

58. Save $$ for iPod (see itme 57.)

59. Pay off all debt

60. Switch to reusable marketing bags

61. Make and giveaway 5 such bags 0/5

Paper & Puter

62. Blog 5 times a week for 3 months 0/12

63. Write a family cookbook

64. Track goals on Joe’s Goals

65. Buy and setup online planner

66. Organize cards and lists and start acknowledging birthdays

67. Get a replacement copy of my birth certificate and social security card

68. Send 50 postcards through Postcrossing

69. Read and write reviews for 12 books a year 0/36

70. Buy 1 GLH book a month for 1 year 0/12

71. Do a blog giveaway monthly for 1 year 0/12

72. Participate in 3 Blog Carnival Days weekly for 1 month

73. Organize and catalog books

Expand My Mind

74. Learn to identify 10 trees

75. Learn to identify 10 wildflowers

76. Learn to identify 10 constellations

77. Practice piano until I can play hymns

78. Earn 2 Art Scout pins 0/2

79. Earn 10 Keeper pins 0/10

80. Purchase a piece of REAL art in person from artist

81. Go to hear live music

82. Go see the Chinese Acrobats

83. Send a care package to a soldier

Travel, Adventure & Entertainment

84. Take day trips seasonally for 1 year 0/4

85. Take kids to Mt. Pleasant Powwow

86. Take a family trip to Florida and Disney it up!

87. Learn to tow camper

88. Camp once a month May – October 0/18

89. On one camping trip cook everything over the fire

90. Go for a horseback trail ride

91. Take the kids to a metropolitan zoo

92. See a movie at an IMAX theater

93. Meet an online friend IRL

94. Purchase BSG box set when it comes out

95. Host a LOTR marathon viewing party- even better, make it in costume

96. Watch all the films on IMDB’s Film-Noir list 0/50

97. See a movie in a theater once a month 0/32


98. TBD

99. TBD

100. TBD

101. Make my next 101 list


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