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Store Sale!!!

My sister and I are closing our hyenacart store this month, so I am selling all my craft show and store stock at a huge discount! I have several bags left, most are bucket style totes. I’m offering to split the shipping with my reader all my blog readers! Just enter BLOG into the coupon code box and HC will discount your order by $2.50, which is half the shipping!

We’ll be opening our own etsy stores this month and we continue to go to craft shows. We have 3 new ones coming up- Presque Isle, Charlevoix Castle Farms and the ever-popular, Posen Potato Festival!! Yes, here in northern Michigan we sure do have a potato festival, sort of a ‘festivus for the rest of us’, LOL! We will announce our Etsy store openings with the appropriate amount of hoopla in the near future, I promise!


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New blog, new name, new look!

Things have been busy around here for Missy and me. Check out her new puppy here! His name is Finn and he is so adorable, I got to hold him all the way home last weekend when we picked him up. I also got a new (old) baby- a Consew 206RB-1 (looks like this one), an old industrial sewing machine. I’m waiting on some necessary parts to be delivered to I can sew some samples and take pictures to share with everybody. I’ve got a bad case of ants in my pants waiting around for the UPS guy……c’mon already!!!!

I have changed my label name and am transferring all content here to my new blog soon. I have new, woven labels on order and am looking forward to our coming craft shows. I’ll post a schedule when we have everything worked out. I know our next show is July 5 & 6, the Dancing Hippopotamus Craft Show. Hey, you can see a picture of our booth last year, it is the blue awning in the photo under Lilien’s! It was so much fun, the original founder, Lilien, was escorted around and she regaled us with stories of her crafting career. She was a hoot! Definitely in love with life and so much fun to be around.

I’ll be posting again soon, with pictures of new designs, recipes and vintage lovelies!

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Rhonda, of Down to Earth, has a good post today about her and her dh reevaluating their budget in light of rising costs. Gas is now $3.99/gallon,here, and food costs are slowly rising. We are making sure lights and appliances not in use are off, hanging laundry to dry and consolidating trips into town. What are some ways you’re conserving?

Jack (my middle son) and I went to the used book store today, I found a couple of books that were on my long list to read this year and I found a copy of a title I’ve been on the lookout for a long time. I picked up an older book on presidents and some spelling textbooks for homeschool. He was thrilled to add to our Dr. Seuss collection and pick up a dino book, too 🙂

Speaking of hanging laundry on the line, here’s one of my new clothespin bags going into our store next week. They’re great for toting your knitting, keeping your reading hanging on your nightstand, and clothespins, of course! This one is embellished with an oversized yo yo and layered button accent. Others I will be putting in the store have vintage linens, doilies and pretty cotton prints!

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Opening Soon!

My sister and I are on our way to opening a joint venture in an Hyenacart storefront. We’ll be stocking new items weekly-things for the littles, for mamas, for crafters and for the home. I was elected to do the graphics and design….after trying to wrap my poor brain around CSS and HTML, I’m ready to take a long lie-down! I think I have the basics cracked, so now it’s onwards and upwards- hmph, take that computer!

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