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Frugal Friday- Gifts

Gift giving can trip up even the most carefully frugal. It’s one of the areas where the practicer of thriftiness can appear to be cheap instead of frugal. I’m of the opinion that cheap is NOT the same as frugal. Here is an interesting look at thrift vs. frugal vs. cheap- complete with Venn Diagram! I think this line best explains my feeling of the word cheap- ‘Cheap somehow involved taking advantage of someone else.’ Other differences in my perception are that frugality will research all options for a new purchase and take quality into account. Cheapness will buy the least expensive, even if the item has a short life span and must be repurchased several times over.

When it comes to gift giving, I feel that the frugal giver will carefully consider the recipient of the gift. Is this person open to hand crafted items, re-gifted presents and thrift store finds? If the answer is no, I spend my budgeted amount of money on something shiny and new that the recipient will enjoy. The important thing to remember is that not everyone is overjoyed at a garage-sale-find of a chippy, dented cake carrier from 1962! For the people on your list who are open to frugal creativity, however, it is such a thrill to come across the perfect item. I had just such a happy congruence of recipient and frugal gift opportunity this spring. It was my ‘twin’s’ birthday (my sister who is 2 years younger than me, but who is so like me that we call ourselves the Wonder Twins), and I spied a small, tired, 1974 toadstool print, unframed, in a thrift store next to a pile of old frames, some with mats and some with glass. I chose the assorted items I needed and when I took it up to the register, my total was 75 cents! I took them home, cleaned the glass, trimmed the print and repainted the frame with an old can of spray paint in my garage. It’s not high art, but my sis, who has been on a retro-mushroom love-fest for the past year loved her new print for her sewing room.

Again, when frugal gifting, remember your recipient. Not everyone is overjoyed at a repurposed thrift store item or a hand-made present…and that’s okay! What made my gift a success was that I paid attention to what made my sister happy, and gave her something that spoke to that happiness. We don’t need to spend a lot of money to accomplish this, just a bit of time and thoughtfulness. That will ensure that each gift is a hit, no matter what the cost 🙂

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